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Proud to be an Independent Agency…

Here’s why

It’s simple economics: the more competition there is, the better your chances of finding the product you need at a price that makes sense. Unfortunately, too many individuals are ‘locked in’ by insuring with a Captive Agency. That’ simply means their agent sells insurance for only one carrier. When rates increase, you pay more.

An Independent Agency represents several insurance carriers, enabling them to shop for the most cost-effective insurance solutions. If company XYZ raises their rates, we take a proactive approach, shopping for a better deal…and we find it without making you sacrifice quality coverage. When was the last time an insurance agent called you to LOWER your insurance?

As an Independent Agency, Mynatt Insurance looks out for YOUR best interest…not those of a single insurance company.

Price vs. Cost…and why it matters to YOU

Everyone’s looking to save money on everything they buy, making sure they’re not paying more than they need for what they use. But what happens when you start settling for less than you need? When you’re talking about insurance, it can be devastating.

Mynatt Insurance has always placed the emphasis on educating our customers concerning price versus cost…and there is a difference.

Consider price to be the amount you initially pay for insurance. It’s based on a number of variables, from the value of an insurable item to the relative risk of liability you face. The price is the number that generally has the greatest initial impact on individuals (think ‘sticker shock’).

Cost is the overall amount you pay to own or use something (in this scenario, insurance).

Too often, people choose cut-rate insurance and minimum coverage to reduce the price. However, when a loss occurs, they discover they don’t have the right insurance they need to cover the cost of replacing the item or paying expensive liability claims. So the few dollars they thought they saved by paying a lower price end up costing many times more than the initial price savings. When you put price considerations before cost, you pay more.

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  • Our work isn't finished until you have the right insurance at a price you can live with. As an independent insurance agency, we look out for our Tampa Bay neighbors. We promise we'll answer any question you have and make purchasing insurance pain free.  

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