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Is General Liability Insurance Required in Florida?

As a Florida business owner, you are not only responsible for the day-to-day activities that go along with running a business; you are also responsible for keeping your employees and clients properly insured from injuries and damages. That makes business liability insurance a necessity for any business, no matter the size. For small businesses, though, general liability insurance is an absolute lifeline.

As someone who runs a business, you’re familiar with the day-to-day uncertainties of small business management. You know about the endless array of risks—some expected, some not-so-expected, and some, occasionally, like a bolt from the blue. Any small business owner who’s put in the time, money, and blood, sweat, and tears required to keep things humming along understands the risk a single, cataclysmic event could present—or they should.

At Mynatt Insurance Agency, we recognize all the hard work you've put into your business plan — the number crunching, careful planning, and endless hours you've invested. And because accidents can — and do — happen, and you can be sued, you need professional liability insurance to protect your business.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover in Florida?

At Mynatt Insurance Agency, we understand that you, like all small business owners, need complete business protection—not a run-of-the-mill, "one size fits all" policy. We can find policies that cover medical expenses, attorney fees, and damages if you're found legally responsible for an accident. We can assist you in finding potential situations and exposures that you may want insurance coverage for.

Our General liability insurance policies at Mynatt Insurance Agency include:

• Premises Liability
• Product and Completed Operations
• Premises Medical
• Fire Legal Liability
• Personal Advertising Injury

Mynatt Insurance Agency General Liability Insurance: The Payouts You Need...When You Need Them

Isn't it nice to know that you and your business can depend on Mynatt Insurance Agency to find the best coverage to serve your business's individual needs? If you find yourself on the wrong end of a liability action against your small business, you can rest assured that Mynatt Insurance Agency will be there to help when you need us most. We'll answer all your questions and make sure you get every bit of coverage you're entitled under your policy.

For a Free Quote on General Liability Insurance, Contact Mynatt Insurance Agency of Tampa, Florida

Do you have questions about general liability insurance for your business? At Mynatt Insurance Agency, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed coverage decisions!

Mynatt Insurance Agency is built on partnerships in coverage. We proudly serve all of Tampa, Florida, and beyond. If you’re ready to start a new partnership with a general liability insurance agency that puts the needs of your business above profits, call Mynatt Insurance Agency at (813) 932-5511. For a free online general liability insurance quote, fill out the quote form on this page. We look forward to serving you!

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